Amazon is currently the largest e-commerce site worldwide and has been attracting buyers and sellers from all over the globe. If you wish to take advantage of this and join the site for your retail goods, then you should take your time to understand Amazon’s requirements before having your products listed on the site.

Among the critical aspects that you should pay close attention to is the Amazon image requirements. There are some guidelines that you must follow when taking product photos, and in this article, you will find a comprehensive guide on product photography for Amazon.

Technical Image Requirements

The first thing to master when taking your product images is the technical requirement. The photos must meet the following basic requirements:

  • The photograph should have a minimum length of 500px.
  • The photo should have a maximum length of 10,000px.
  • The size of the file should not exceed 10mb.
  • The picture zoom should begin at 1000px and 500px on the longest and shortest sides respectively.
  • The image file format should be TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF. JPEG is the most preferred.
  • The color space should be Srgb.
  • The recommended crop ratio is 1:1 while details requirements are 1:1 – 5:1.

The Main Image Requirements

The main image is the large picture that appears alongside the product or rather; it is the photograph that appears after an internet search, among other competing products. You should, therefore, have the best and most appealing main image. Some of the Amazon requirements for this photo are:

  • Try and get a professional image and ensure that it accurately portrays the product. This means that the photo should look exactly like the product, to avoid confusing customers.
  • The product should make up at least 85% of the image frame for enhanced clarity.
  • The photograph should fully focus on the product and make sure that you capture every detail. It should be clear, have smooth edges, and be an accurate illustration of the product. Pay attention to both the size and color of the product.
  • The background color of the image should be white.

Things to Avoid on the Main Image

Amazon prohibits some features on the main include which include:

  • Sketches, drawings or paintings to represent the product being sold
  • The image should not contain any misleading information or extras such as accessories. This may confuse the clients when they receive a product, and it is missing the accessories.
  • The photo should not have any graphics, texts, and imagery.
  • The main photo should not have any watermarks. This means that you should be the owner of the image, meaning that you did not copy it from your competitors.
  • Amazon does not accept pornographic or offensive images and texts.
  • The photograph should not display external branding except in the cases of clothing photography such as socks and stockings.

Requirements for Other View Images

These are the smaller photographs that are displayed alongside the product once the customer clicks on your page. Amazon allows you to upload up to nine additional images. These images have their distinct requirements as follows:

  • The photograph should clearly illustrate the product that is being sold.
  • The image should portray the exact specifications of the product in terms of size, color, and edges. You should get professional product photography to capture all the details.
  • Just like the main image, the other view images should make up at least 85% of the image frame.
  • You are free to include objects such as accessories, but you should only do it to demonstrate the product. Make the customers understand that those objects are not included in the selling price.
  • You are not allowed to upload cropped or close-up images.
  • You may add text and simple graphics but make sure they are not interfering with the image’s main focus.
  • You are allowed to add any background color but ensure that the main focus is on the product.
  • Prohibited other view Amazon image requirements.
  • You should not upload other view images that portray pornographic material incendiary and offensive remarks.

Clothing Photography Requirements

Amazon has distinct requirements for clothing photographs. Some of the requirements and restrictions are:

  • The models should not be in positions such as kneeling, sitting or any other that interferes with the details of the clothes being sold.
  • The images should not have any watermarks, meaning that you must own the image and if not, you should have permission to use it.
  • The photographs should not include branding loges except for socks, pantyhose, and stockings.
  • You should not upload multiple images of the same garment. If you have the same product in different colors or sizes, you should make a different listing for each with its image.

Amazon Product Photography Requirements As per the Departments:

  • Shoes – You are only allowed to upload the images of the shoes. Other aspects such as the box are not allowed.
  • Kidswear – You are expected to observe additional security in this department, and for that reason, you should not have children’s wear models.
  • Swimwear and lingerie – Amazon photography allows you to upload photos of models in lingerie, but make sure the images do not entail any nudity. It is recommendable that you have the lingerie and swimwear photos displayed on a flat surface.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Amazon Product Photography

When observing the Amazon image requirements, pay attention to:

  • The details – Make sure the images capture all the details of the products on sale. For example, in the case of clothing, capture any unique and appealing details that could help you sell the garment faster. Also, show all sides of the product if it has different details on the front, back, and sides.
  • The size – Ensure that the photographs clearly show the size of the product. For instance, if you are selling small-size jars, make sure you include the dimensions to avoid confusing the buyers to think that they are large jars.
  • With this Amazon photography guide, you are good to get started on preparing images for your products before listing them on Amazon. If possible, seek the help of professional photographers for enhanced clarity. This guide will help avoid cases of image rejection by Amazon.